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Billey, A., Drabinski, E., & Roberto, K. R. (2014). “What’s Gender Got to Do with It? A Critique of RDA 9.7.” Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 52(4), 412–421.
Carter, R. G. S. (2006). “Of Things Said and Unsaid: Power, Archival Silences, and Power in Silence.” Archivaria, 61(61).

Useful for succinct synthesis of major strands of thought in historiography, critical theory, and archival science regarding power and silences in the archive. Those interested in an even deeper exploration may explore sources (Derrida, Foucault, Lyotard, etc.) mentioned. Also touches on the tension between records kept in primarily oral cultures versus records recognized as archive-able (i.e., documentary records from primarily literate/print cultures) in the Western European archival tradition. Finally, proposes that some communities may refuse to “be archived” and use silence as a form of resistance — a point important for our work in Design for Diversity.