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  • Julia visited the University of Oklahoma
  • We’re having a visitor from the University of Uppsala on the 29th.
  • We will also be having a visiting scholar through the NULab.

Charon talk:

  • Last time we talked was about content workflow.
  • We are now circling back to the administrative tasks.
  • These include being able to assign tasks to users, give them roles, etc.
  • The assumption is that MODS will be used for descriptive cataloging.
  • We need to think about how each project gets to shape their own metadata.
  • What are our standards for ingestion?
  • Scenario: Do we want volunteers or students on a project to have every option for metadata editing or just some?
  • It's likely we will create a template where you click to configure metadata - you choose what fields you want, and they will have a drop down list of where an admin can choose who is allowed to edit those.
  • We can add a MODS extension schema if needed
  • Cerberus requires title and keyword for ingestion.
  • Charon will require?... Title, keyword, collection were initially on the table, but came to the decision that it just needs some identifiable title and a collection suggestion.
  • For the submission interface, we want to make it simple as possible to add items.
  • Charon pipes will be the way people configure editorial workflows
  • It will be drag and drop modules for different kinds of tasks.
  • The systems automatically brokers ongoing tasks assignments based on how these pipes are set up.