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A page for tracking progress and noting issues pertaining to the textbase corrections undertaken by Nora P., Fall 2008.



The most current list of files and fixes for the corrections project can be found in the Attachments section to this page (the file named "TextbaseCorrections.doc"). For each error that appears in a given text in Women Writers Online, the proofreader has noted the specific page (sometimes by page number and sometimes by idealized signature) and provided a brief description of the problem. In most cases, this should include instructions for correcting the error. For instance, a transcription error might be noted with a phrase like "Sig. A1r: At bottom of page, 'Correktion' should read 'Correction'."

All files on the current list will be in the \~/tb/improvement/ directory (or, if you need the full path: /opt/local/projects/wwp/tb/improvement/).

For each file, all errors that are the result of encoding mistakes or transcription problems should be corrected. The usual WWP routine applies:

  • Open the file as usual in emacs
  • Check the file out
  • Make all necessary corrections
  • Validate
  • Enter change log comment
  • Check back in
  • When you've made all necessary changes to the file, mark it as complete on the chart below. For items on the list that are not encoding errors, keep a record (either on this wiki page or in a separate file that can be emailed to us later --- your preference) of everything that appears to be a display problem.

Display issues vs. encoding/transcription errors

Included on the list of errors is a mixture of display problems (weird stuff in the way texts show up in Women Writers Online) and actual problems with the encoded files. Because the proofreaders weren't trained to be able to distinguish between the two, both kinds of errors show up on our list of corrections. This means that for each error you'll need to check the encoding in the file to see if it looks right. In many cases (maybe as many as 50%) the encoding will be correct, which means you're dealing with a display problem. In those cases, just make a note and move on.

For instance, a lot of errors on the list will have to do with the rendition of particular elements. A list entry may say something like "The title "The Old Manor House" should be italicized and small caps" and you'll discover when you look at the file that the title in question does, in fact, have the rendition rend="slant(italic)case(smallcaps)". But you'll need to check every instance to be sure.

Completion chart

File Completed Date
adams.newengland1.xml done 9/17
aikin.epistles.xml pending 9/22
anger.protection.xml done 9/23
ariadne.venture.xml done 9/24
askew.first.xml done 9/28
askew.fox.xml done 9/28
askew.lattre.xml done 10/10
astell.marriage.xml done 10/10
astell.proposal.xml done 10/10
augustine.virgin.xml done 10/10
bacon.apologie.xml pending 10/9
bacon.sermons.xml done 10/10
bannerman.poems.xml done 10/10
barbauld.govtsins.xml done 10/14
barbauld.legacy.xml done 10/14
barbauld.reasons.xml done 10/14
barbauld.works1.xml done 10/15

Aikin.epistles on Women Questions (9/23)

  • "SigE1r: in the 4th line, it appears that 'buys' is not only italicized but also looks to be in a larger font, which it isn't in the OT."
    • Nora: "buys" is encoded with <emph>buys</emph> The renditional default for <emph> in this text is to italicize it. Can you confirm that it is in fact unitalicized in the OT? Any kind of special markup?
    • "buys" is italicized in the OT, so the use of <emph> looks like it's correct in this case. No changes needed.
  • "Sig G1r: endnote 4, line 174 is not marked in the text after "Rome's Saviour wakes."
    • Actually, it is marked, but it's marked as line 175. Confirmation from OT?
    • The present encoding is fine --- no changes needed.
  • "Sig G4r, p.47: There is a bracket notation in the margin of the OT, though I am not sure of its meaning."
    • What does this bracket look like? Something that needs to be encoded? Because there is no encoding of a bracket here as far as I can tell.
    • The current encoding is correct --- it's encoded as <lg type="tercet" rend="braced()">. (It's that rend="braced()" part that is supposed to produce the bracket. The fact that it isn't is a display problem, though, not an encoding issue.

Ariadne.venture Questions (9/25)

  • Most of the problems designated in this text refer to names that aren't in italics. I looked at the renditional defaults at the beginning and changed the default from persname to persName and placename to placeName.  Could this capital letter make the difference in these cases? If so, I won't add them to the list of design problems in my master list.
    • That's very possible. I'll run it by Syd to be sure, but for now I don't think you need to make any other changes.
  • "SigF4r: When Charlot hangs on Lovewell toward the bottom of the page, is there any need for parenthesis inside the brackets? "You shall not throw me from ye, I'll follow thus, \[(hangs on him)\] and never will forsake"
    • it is encoded like this, not sure whether there are double brackets in the OT although I am doubtful:
      • <stage rend="break(no)pre()align(inline)" type="business">(hangs on him)</stage>
      • do stage directions and/or type=business automatically create brackets? What can I change here? or is it a design thing?
    • Yes, it looks like square brackets are automatically being generated for all stage directions in HTML, regardless of the encoding or document defaults. Still, because we generally encode parentheses as renditional information, I'd change the encoding to: rend="break(no)pre(()post())align(inline)". Note that wiki markup gobbles up the fact that the left and right parentheses in the pre() and post() part of the rendition are escaped using a standard backslash character.

Askew.first. Questions (9/28)

  • Sig.F5r: Delete "J" in "Jhuss" \---\- huss.
    • please confirm in OT, I'm not convinced. It's part of a persName (Iohann is the first name, I think)
    • Yes, remove the "J". The full name is Johan Huss, so it should look like <persName><orig reg="J">I</orig>ohan hu&s;s</persName> when you're done.
  • Sig F6r: "Do you want to leave "Jhesus" as it is in the OT? The online version has "Ihesus where earlier there was "Jhesus."
    • The formulation of this note leaves me unsure exactly HOW it is in the OT.  Please confirm.
    • It looks like the name isn't encoded as a <persName> at all, which it should be. The "I" needs to be given standard vuji treatment, so that the whole thing looks like: <persName><orig reg="J">I</orig>hesus Christ</persName>.

Askew.fox Questions (9/28)

  • "Sig PP2r: in the 2nd par., there appear to be a number of quotations from the Bible--do you want to put them all in quote marks?"
    • my guess would be no, especially since they are not indicated in the OT, which I can deduce since the note writer indicates it would take a lot of leg work to identify the exact quotes as such from the Bible. Please advise. 
    • Don't worry about this for the time being. You're right that they're not clearly indicated in the OT, and this would be difficult to do remotely anyway.

Askew.lattre Examination (10/2)

  • Sig Br and Bv: is there a "i" in the OT? In other words, should the sigs be encoded Bir and Biv? Right now, they are just Br and Bv. Check OT.
    • In the milestones for these pages, they should be "Bir" and "Biv" respectively.
  • Sig.Biiij.r: this signature is the first to have a period in it to separate the r/v from the numerals. Does this appear in the OT? Please confirm.
    • No, there should be no period (that's true for all idealized signature values in milestones).
  • Sig Biiij.r: Should the word "womannis" be "womannish"? Please confirm if this is a typo or a likely <sic>
    • This is looks to be an error in the printing of the original. I would go ahead and change it to <sic corr="h"></sic>.
  • Sig.Iijr: before mn 408, "fal se" should be one word."
    • This occurs over a <lb>.  Is there an ­ missing in the OT, or is it a typo? Please confirm.
    • The current encoding is fine; no changes needed
  • Sig.Ivv, mn433: same as above for S. Ste ven
    • Current encoding is fine; no changes needed

Astell, Mary. Reflections Upon Marriage (10/2)

  • Sig a4r: in the second paragraph, is "Woman of good Understanding" meant to be some kind of quote? It is currently encoded with <quote>.
    • This should just be encoded as <mcr rend="slant(upright)">Woman of good Under&s;tanding</mcr>
  • Sig. a4v: same as previous comment with "the King or Captain of the Host." Also, in the OT, is it king or King?
    • Should be encoded <mcr rend="slant(upright)">the King or Captain of the Ho&s;t</mcr> (the "K" in "King" is capitalized).
  • Sig.G6r: In the final entry, is <name>Christian</name> supposed to be in italics? Check OT.
    • No. "Christian" should not be encoded as <name> in this context.

Astell, Mary. A Serious Proposal to the Ladies (10/5)

  • Sig. I3r: The second entry appears to be a title as well, and for consistency's sake should appear in italics.
    • Yes, it should appear as a <title>, but it should not be italicized. Tht title runs from "Enquiry into &s;everal..." to "...probable re&s;olution of them."
  • Sig. I3v: The first contains a title as well that should appear in italics..."A discourse...New Testament"
    • Yes, should appear as a <title>, but it shouldn't be italicized. Title runs from "A di&s;course concerning..." to "...the whole work."

Augustine, Sister Magdalen - The history of the Angelical Virgin Glorious S. Clare, 1635 (10/5)

  • Sig c'2v: in the second paragraph, should 'Future' and 'Heaven' appear in bold?
    • No, neither should appear in bold

Bacon, Ann. Apologie. (10/9)

  • Sig. H2r: for the Greek that is transmitted, there are a couple of misspellings. Transliterated it should read, "tes orthodoxias (here the zeta should be ksi/xi) proschemati (here the delta should be a sigma). Also, traditionally, the final sigma should look more like a regular "s" than a cursive "s". Sometimes this final sigma appears under the "w" on the keyboard. Along with the diacritical marks that are preserved, the word "tes" should have a circumflx over the eta (this isn't in the OT, but is standard Greek).
    • Ummmmm...I don't know any Greek. And I don't know how I would even start to make these changes to the encoding. Also, I couldn't do it without the OT, because I am not sure the "misspellings" are mistakes in the OT, or in the encoding, or what. So I'm guessing there's nothing I can do here presently, but please confirm. :-)  
  • Sig. I1v: towards the bottom, "Zwinglius" should be Zwinglius.
    • please check OT: in other words, does "should be" mean that it needs a"sic," or that it's just a typo?
  • Sig. I3r: In the first line, I am not sure if the word "Iwys" should be one or two words.
    • check OT
  • Sig. K1v: another Greek thing. Similar to the last one. Let me know if you want all the info on it, or if we should just save it.
  • SIg.O6r: same as previous note