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DRS Collection Profile: RISE Research Posters

Mariah Tauger/Northeastern University

Since 2012, the Center for Research Innovation [1] has hosted the Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo [2] (RISE), an annual exhibition for students and faculty to present their research to the Northeastern community and “industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and technology enthusiasts [3]“. Each year RISE participants create nearly 400 posters to describe research activity at Northeastern covering a diverse range of disciplines, including computer and information science, engineering and technology, health sciences, humanities and arts, social science, as well as interdisciplinary topics. Here are just a few examples of the 1,486 posters exhibited at RISE since 2014:

Computer and Information Science:

Engineering and technology:

Health sciences:

Humanities and the arts:

Social science:


These and many other posters from RISE:2014, RISE:2015, RISE:2016, and RISE:2017 are currently available in the Digital Repository Service [16]. RISE:2018 will be held on April 5 in in the Cabot Physical Education Center [17].