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Julia Flanders

Title: Head of the Digital Scholarship Group, Professor of the Practice of English
Department: Digital Scholarship Group
Phone: (617) 373-4435

Julia directs the DSG and provides expertise in text markup, digital project management, digital scholarly editing, data curation, information modeling, and digital scholarly communication.


Amanda Rust

Title: Associate Director for Services, Digital Humanities Librarian
Department: Digital Scholarship Group
Phone: (617) 373-8548

Amanda’s work focuses on library collaborations with digital humanities and archives as well as library support for the arts and humanities broadly speaking. She has held offices in a national forum for literature librarians, and has presented or written on topics like information literacy and instruction, Drupal and website design, post-custodial theatre archives, library special collections and Wikipedia, and the digital humanities.


Patrick Murray-John

Title: Associate Director for Systems
Department: Digital Scholarship Group

Patrick studies emerging technologies, both internal and external to DSG, to coordinate and discuss future directions. He brings long experience with instructional technology, including WordPress, Drupal, and custom PHP applications, as well as having been an Omeka developer and experimenter for 7+ years, and doing developer outreach for Omeka.

Sarah Sweeney

Title: Digital Repository Manager
Department: Digital Scholarship Group
Phone: (617) 373-5062

Sarah manages Northeastern University Libraries’ Digital Repository Service (DRS), which is a safe and secure place for the Northeastern community to store and share their digital work. She began her library career as a Cataloging & Metadata Librarian, and has a solid background in traditional library cataloging and digital metadata practices. Please contact Sarah if you would like to learn about how the DRS can be a useful tool for your department or research group, or if you would simply like more information about the services provided by the DRS.

Syd Bauman


Title: XML Programmer-Analyst
Department: Digital Scholarship Group
Phone: (617) 373-7339

Syd Bauman is an expert in text encoding and XML, with a special interest in the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). He provides support to DSG projects involving markup technologies, XML publication tools, and other forms of deeply structured text.

Ashley Clark

Title: XML Applications Programmer
Department: Digital Scholarship Group

Ashley builds XML tools to support exploration and discovery in TAPAS and the Women Writers Project. She has an interest in data provenance within the digital humanities, a background in writing and computer science, and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science with a specialization in data curation.

Sarah Connell

Title: Assistant Director, Women Writers Project
Department: Digital Scholarship Group

Sarah is the assistant director and former project manager for the Women Writers Project and a member of the Early Caribbean Digital Archive project design team. She received a Ph.D. in English from Northeastern in the spring of 2014 and her research focuses on the fictional and historical genres of medieval and early modern texts.

Bahare Sanaie-Movahed

Bahare Headshot
Title: Geographic Informations Systems Specialist
Department: Digital Scholarship Group

Bahare is a GIS specialist for the Digital Scholarship Group. She earned two master’s degrees in GIS & Remote Sensing and in Environmental Engineering. She contributed in researching and analyzing geographical data and fieldwork of Urban Natural Gas Leaks project in Boston, MA. She has academic and professional experience in creating and maintaining digital maps, data management and cleanup, spatial analysis, georeferencing, and georectification. Please contact Bahare to learn more about the GIS service at Snell library.

Steven Braun

Title: Data Analytics and Visualization Specialist
Department: Digital Scholarship Group

Steven provides support for data analytics and visualization methodologies for Northeastern students and faculty who are engaged in projects involving digital scholarship, broadly understood. His background includes undergraduate studies in Asian studies and chemistry, time spent living in Japan conducting computational biophysics research, and a master’s degree in biophysics. In addition, he also sustains highly interdisciplinary interests across many other fields, including linguistics, philosophy, mathematics, physics, biology, music, visual art, and design. With experience in data wrangling, web development, and graphic design, Steven can help you explore options for integrating digital methodologies into your research and communicate your data in interesting ways.

Jeffrey Bourns

Title: Semantic Data Specialist
Department: Digital Scholarship Group
Phone: 617-373-5274

Jeffrey provides support for the development of Linked Data and Semantic Web infrastructure and its implementation in digital resources and projects at Northeastern. He received a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Harvard in 2001, and his research interests include Linked Open Data initiatives to support digital scholarship in languages and linguistics.

Des Alaniz

Title: Boston Research Center Coordinator, Design for Diversity Research Assistant
Department: Digital Scholarship Group

Des is the Boston Research Center Coordinator as well as a Research Assistant for the IMLS National Forums funded Design for Diversity project. Des recently graduated with their Master’s in Library Science and their research interests include community-driven archives, critical information literacy, and zines and independent media.

Megan Barney

Title: Coordinator
Department: Digital Scholarship Group

Megan Barney is the Coordinator for the Digital Scholarship Group. She received her M.A. in Public History with a certificate in the Digital Humanities from Northeastern in 2019. Her research interests include the teaching of hard history and the ways that history can be presented accessibly with digital tools.


Research Associates


Dave DeCamp

decampDave DeCamp is a Graduate Assistant to the Digital Scholarship Group, focusing on pedagogical applications of DSG resources and facilitating the use of digital tools in the classroom. Dave is a former graduate fellow to the NULab, and in a previous position at the DSG, Dave worked on a suite of digital platforms such as WordPress, Omeka, and Open Journal Systems that facilitate digital projects, display, and publishing. was part of the CERES Exhibit Toolkit Development Team. For the past two years Dave has worked as Managing Editor for the Digital Humanities Quarterly. Dave is also a PhD candidate in the History Department at Northeastern. His dissertation, titled “The Elephant in the Room: Empire, Animals, and Popular Culture in Interwar London,” investigates animal imagery, popular culture, and the domestic effects of empire in interwar London.

Cara Messina

Cara Messina is the Research Assistant for the IMLS National Forums funded Design for Diversity project. As an English PhD student with a focus in Writing and Rhetoric, her research revolves around the writing classroom (digital or in person), including fan fiction communities and First Year Writing, as spaces for advocacy work. She is particularly interested in the pedagogical value of digital tools to encourage writers to think critically about representation, intersectionality, and inclusivity.

Lauren Bergnes Sell

Lauren is the Project Coordinator for Charon, a DSG work-flow platform and project. She is also assisting with exploration of an augmented reality app for the BRC. She is currently pursuing an M.A. in Public History at Northeastern. Her research interests include digital preservation, visual/material culture, and Augmented Reality modeling content.

Megan Woods

Megan is a 2nd-year M.A. student currently pursuing a degree in History with a concentration in Public History. She is assisting the DSG test current and new features in CERES for further development. Megan’s research interests include 20th-Century American history, Public Memory, and digital mapping and storytelling.

Maha Alkhairy

Maha is a research assistant working on using formal methods to model the morphological structure and grammar of natural languages including Cherokee. She holds a bachelors degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics from Northeastern University. Maha has a background in natural language processing, computational linguistics, and machine learning – having taken classes and pursued projects in these fields. She is interested in using computational linguistics and natural language processing to parse and analyze text in the domain of health and learning.


Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson is the Research Assistant for the Women Writer’s Project Word2Vec for Humanists Institute. She is a second-year English Ph.D. student studying systems of classification in archives, queer communities, disability studies, and digital storytelling. She is particularly interested in the use of digital tools for community building, activism, and interactive storytelling.

Alanna Prince

Alanna Prince is a PhD student in the English Department at Northeastern University. Her work centers around 20th and 21st century Black literature with a focus on gender and sexuality, decolonization, and visual culture. Prince’s introduction to the DSG was with the Early Caribbean Digital Archive, where she had previously acted as a Research and Metadata Lead and more recently as Project Manager. With the ECDA she takes a particular interest in metadata and meta-archival discourses as well as the potentials of remix and re-assemblage of material in the archive as a pedagogical tool. In her work with the Margret Fuller Archives and the Thoreau Archives, she intends to focus on pedagogy and public history, using archival documents to create exhibits, as well as classroom material, that forefront accessibility to all learners and equity to all voices.


Visting Scholars


Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight

Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight is our first Wikipedia Visiting Scholar, working to improve Wikipedia articles on women and writing before 1900. Rosie is a prolific and experienced Wikipedian and founder or co-founder of projects such as WikiProject Women WritersWomen in RedWikiWomen’s User Group, and more. She’s also on the Board of Directors for Wikimedia District of Columbia and on the Editorial Board of The Signpost, one of the longest-running publications covering English Wikipedia and Wikimedia at large.






Adam Mazel

Adam Mazel was the Digital Pedagogy Intern for the Digital Scholarship Group, where he helped students learn the CERES Exhibit Toolkit. Concurrently, he is a M.S. candidate in Library and Information Science at Simmons University (2019), where he specializes in academic librarianship and the digital humanities. Adam is also a scholar of Victorian poetry. His Ph.D. in English literature is from the University of Michigan (2014), and his peer-reviewed articles have recently appeared in Victorian Literature and Culture, Victorian Poetry, and Nineteenth-Century Literature.


Gregory Palermo

Greg was a Graduate Assistant to the Digital Scholarship Group, providing training and support for the CERES: Exhibit Toolkit, and serves as Project Manager for the Thoreau Journal Drawings Project. He is a PhD student in English and also works as a Research and Teaching Assistant in Women’s, Gender, And Sexuality Studies. His current academic interests include Text Analysis, Data Modeling, Citation Analysis, Writing for the Sciences, and Masculinities.

Sarah Payne

Sarah is a PhD candidate in English literature and she provides training and support for the CERES: Exhibit Toolkit. She works on the Margaret Fuller Transnational Archive and previously served as an editorial assistant for Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Her research interests include feminist theory, literary modernism, Southern literature, and critical race theory.

Kaley Bachelder

Kaley Bachelder is third-year undergraduate student studying English and Theatre. As a work study student in the DSG, Kaley has assisted with the completion of the Catskills Institute Toolkit website.

David Heilbrun

David Heilbrun HeadshotDavid is a former DSG intern from Simmons College.

Caroline Klibanoff

Caroline was the Coordinator for the Digital Scholarship Group from May 2017-June 2018. She received her M.A. in Public History at Northeastern and is currently working in the cultural heritage field. Her research interests include public memory, monuments and the American South, as well as multimedia storytelling, digital strategy and public programs for museums and historic sites.

Abbie Levesque

Abbie headshotAbbie was the Coordinator for the Digital Scholarship Group from July 2015-July 2017. She received her MA in English from Northeastern in Spring 2017 and is currently pursuing her PhD in the same department. Her research focuses include rhetoric and composition, LGBTAQ studies, and digital humanities. She was also a tutor at Northeastern’s Writing Center.


Param Ajmera

Param is a former Master’s student in English Literature at Northeastern University. He received his BA from Denison University, and graduated with his MA from Northeastern in Spring 2017. He is pursuing his PhD at the Cuny Graduate Center. His research interests include the long eighteenth century, postcolonial studies, and the digital humanities. In addition to being a Research Associate at the DSG, Param also tutored at the Northeastern University Writing Center.


Caroline Gardner

Caroline is a former DSG intern from Simmons College.

David Castillo

David is a former DSG intern from Simmons College.

Colleen Curtis

Colleen is working towards her BFA in Graphic and Information Design at Northeastern University. As a Research Assistant for the DSG in 2015, Colleen analyzed and wrote about Northeastern Library’s Picturing the World collection. She also designed the collection’s DRS Toolkit website and developed display plaques. Her academic interests include design, art history, and writing.

Sarah DeLorme

Sarah is a former CERES: Exhibit Toolkit intern from Simmons College. She received her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science in 2016, and has a background in art and psychology. Her interests are design, user experience and computer science.

Sara Grissom

Sara worked as the Coordinator for the DSG in 2014. At the time, she was completing her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Her academic interests include globalization, international law, and green criminology.

Jim McGrath

Jim was the Digital Scholarship Group Coordinator from Spring 2015-Summer of 2015. In August of 2015, he received his PhD from Northeastern’s English Department. He is also the Project Co-Director on Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive.

Linda Moss

Drupal Developer

Alicia Peaker

Alicia worked for the DSG in 2014. At the time, she was a PhD candidate in English, the Project Manager for the Women Writers Project, and the Co-Director for Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive.

Anna Spatz

Anna is a former Visiting Scholar from UT Darmstadt.

Victoria Zimmer

Vicki is a former DRS intern from Simmons College, where she completed her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science in 2016. As an intern in the DRS, Vicki updated user documentation for the repository and established a workflow for ingesting backlogged files. Her professional interests include digital preservation and linked data.