2015 Call for Proposals

UPDATE: The deadline for proposals (March 30, 2015) has passed. Thanks to all who applied!

The Digital Scholarship Group invites proposals for pilot projects to test the DRS Project Toolkit: a new user-friendly set of tools for building digital scholarly projects and publications using the Northeastern University Libraries Digital Repository Service (see below for more information about the DRS).

With the DRS Project Toolkit, Northeastern University members can use Omeka and WordPress to create projects that draw digital materials such as images, texts, and video dynamically from the DRS. Starting in July 2015, the DSG will work with a small number of pilot projects to help us test and document the Project Toolkit. Once the pilot is complete, the toolkit will be available for general use by any DSG project.

Application Details

NOTE: The Deadline for Proposals has passed. Thanks to all who applied!
Deadline for Proposals: March 30, 2015

If you have a project idea, we’d love to hear from you! Please take a few minutes to apply by answering a few questions about your project.
For the pilot, we will give priority to projects whose materials are already digitized, and to smaller-scale projects with simpler requirements. Projects not selected for the pilot can get started once the Project Toolkit is available for general use.

Projects especially suited to this pilot include:

  • exhibits and publications that use materials from the Northeastern University Archives
  • collections of images with annotations and contextual information
  • projects involving mapping and timelines

The deadline for project proposals is March 30. We will schedule meetings with applicants to discuss proposals in more detail and we will make the final selection by mid-April. Pilot projects will be typically be completed by June 2016 or sooner.

Project Development

For projects selected for the pilot, we will schedule planning meetings in April and May to discuss scope and to do initial training and orientation. Work on pilot projects will start in summer 2015, with specific schedules to be worked out in discussion with each project. Project participants will work actively with the DSG on project development; the DSG will provide training, consultation, design assistance, and coordination as needed with Archives and Special Collections and with the Digital Repository Service.

Contact Us and Apply!

The application form can be found here.

If you have questions, the DSG staff are glad to meet and discuss project proposals before the deadline; please contact us at DSG@neu.edu to set up a meeting.



About the Digital Repository Service

The Digital Repository Service (https://repository.library.northeastern.edu/) is a secure repository system designed to store and share the scholarly work from Northeastern University’s colleges, departments, faculty, and staff. The DRS was developed by Northeastern University Libraries as a tool for the University community to protect the valuable information and data that has been created as part of the University’s research and instructional mission. Because the DRS is built using Fedora, an open source repository system with a user-friendly API, objects stored in the DRS can be accessed and displayed using customized web-publishing tools, like Omeka, Drupal, or WordPress.

An example of this framework in practice is the Terp Talks video series portal from Northeastern’s National Interpreter Education Center. The site itself is built using WordPress, but the video content and metadata come from the DRS. For more information about the DRS, visit https://dsg.neu.edu/resources/drs.

If you don’t think the DRS Project Toolkit is right for your project, but you’re still interested in securely storing project files in the repository, contact Library-Repository-Team@neu.edu.