For this project to be a success we need input from people with a diversity of backgrounds. Please consider working with us!


Open Participation

If you cannot make it to our in-person events or commit to a more formal role, we encourage you to:

  • Comment on open documents or surveys (announced through Twitter and the email list)


Designated Roles

People in these roles each contribute or have contributed to the project in individual and important ways.


In Person Events

We have so far held two public working meetings, free and open to all. Participants were asked to prepare by reading background material, adding new ideas, and offering constructive criticism to the work we’ve done so far.

Our initial Opening Forum was held at Northeastern University (Raytheon Amphitheater in the Egan Center) October 16-17, 2017.


In the Classroom

We are also looking for partners to test the Toolkit, once developed, in the classroom. Please contact us if you are interested in using the Toolkit in your classroom.




Email the grant team


Email the co-PIs directly

  • Julia Flanders (j.flanders[at]
  • Amanda Rust (a.rust[at]