We’re excited to post a new position for 10 hours per week in the Spring of 2020! This position is open to graduate students at Northeastern University.


Position description


This person will play a key role in the Boston Research Center, a community history and computational archives lab based in the Northeastern University Library’s Digital Scholarship Group. Working closely with DSG staff, and in partnership with stakeholders at Northeastern, the Boston Public Library, and Boston-area community-based non-profits, this person will contribute to the development of new computational archives projects. This position offers opportunities for a wide range of activities and skills including: historical and archival research; digitization, data creation, data manipulation and cleanup; community outreach and event coordination; assistance with facilitation of community and technical design meetings; and synthesis and communication of progress and results for a public audience.


Project description


The Boston Research Center (BRC), based in the Northeastern University Library, is a community history and computational archives lab where Boston’s deep neighborhood and community histories are brought to light. We create and use new technology so that residents can share a more nuanced and complex understanding of Boston’s present.

The BRC helps provide a fuller picture of the history of Boston by bringing together historical materials—photos, maps, letters, newspaper articles, recordings, charts and tables, and more—and digitizing them so they can be remixed and re-combined with current data to tell the story of essential but underrepresented groups in Boston’s neighborhoods. The BRC also builds computer and technical systems that will make it easier to safely and permanently house digital history projects, repeat similar projects in the future, and make connections between them as they grow.

Through 2021, the BRC will work with a cohort of interrelated Boston non-profits to develop sustainable and inclusive systems to serve their needs in historically informed neighborhood research. This will be a time of focused technical development to create: useful and actionable outcomes that further our community partners’ agendas, and technical systems and infrastructure that will make this kind of work easier in the future.




  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Attention to detail and excellent research skills, experience with or strong interest in historical and archival research a plus
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, particularly within the frame of communication for and about public-oriented scholarship; experience in public history or public humanities projects a plus but not required
  • Familiarity with tools for working with digital data (spreadsheets; GIS and mapping technologies; text encoding or analysis; digitization and metadata creation) a plus but not required
  • Familiarity with tools for publishing digital projects (web publishing systems, e.g. WordPress; information and graphic design) a plus but not required
  • Familiarity with managing, coordinating, and facilitating group projects with multiple stakeholders a plus but not required


Apply by October 30th


Please send a CV or resume and statement of interest to Amanda Rust, a[dot]rust[at]northeastern.edu, by October 30th.