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The DRS Project Toolkit is now CERES: Exhibit Toolkit!

The Digital Scholarship Group is pleased to announce that the Digital Repository Service (DRS) Project Toolkit [1] will now be known as CERES: Exhibit Toolkit. CERES is a user-friendly platform with which faculty, staff, and student scholars at Northeastern University are building WordPress exhibits incorporating curated digital objects. This Exhibit Toolkit will be one module in the Community Engaged Repository for Enhanced Scholarship, an ecology of tools that will further support scholars in preserving their scholarly work and publishing it for a variety of public audiences.

CERES: Exhibit Toolkit expands on the original Toolkit’s capability to browse, search, and create exhibits from objects digitized and cataloged in Northeastern’s Digital Repository Service [2]. Projects can now also build maps and timelines for their exhibits that harness objects’ encoded metadata. Objects can also be pulled from the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), as well as the DRS.

We are excited to work with a number of Northeastern projects that submitted proposals to use and provide feedback for further development of CERES: Exhibit Toolkit:

One other project will join the other new DSG initiatives by ingesting materials into repository-based architectures:

The Digital Scholarship Group also continues to support the ongoing work of the Women Writer’s Project, Viral Texts, Digital Humanities Quarterly, TAPAS, and our pilot Toolkit projects. For more information on projects supported by the DSG, please visit our Projects [4] page.

Post by Gregory Palermo [5], Graduate Research Assistant.

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