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The CERES: Exhibit Toolkit is a WordPress plugin and theme developed by DSG staff. CERES is used to create websites that dynamically integrate images, text, video, and other digital materials into complex scholarly narratives and exhibits. Digital materials may be drawn from Northeastern’s Digital Repository Service (DRS) or the Digital Public Library of America, and potentially from other open repositories as well. Accepted projects will partner with the DSG and DRS teams to use CERES to securely store their project materials in the DRS and create a customized WordPress site to publish those materials on the web.

Project Work

Preliminary Meetings

  • Attendees: Sarah, Amanda, Jim (DSG), project stakeholders, library liaison(s)
  • Agenda: Introduce DRS to projects, get more information about project scope and intentions, discuss location of project data and state of data (digitized, not digitized, format, etc.), delegate points of contact between project and DSG (Jim / Coordinator on DSG end, Project contact determined by project), discuss next steps involved in Content Review for project and DSG, email summary of meeting.

File Preparation

Lead by Repository Manager in conjunction with Project, with delegation to others as needed

  • Metadata review and revision/creation
    • Time intensive
  • Reposting
  • Transference of files and other content
  • Review of files for corruption, collection structure, etc.

Content Review

Lead by Assistant Director and University Copyright officer

  • Review copyright information

Training and Instruction

Lead by Coordinator, Assistant Directors, RAs

  • DRS Wordpress documentation for us
  • Future editing, adding, changes

File Ingestion

Lead by Repository Manager and the Dev Team

  • Metadata into MODS/XML
  • Fedora specific ingestion things - formatting issues, etc

WordPress Integration

Lead by Repository Manager, Assistant Director, COordinator, and Project

  • Context Content Creation - static text for curation

WordPress / HTML Review

  • Quality Assurance / Troubleshoots (Coordinator and RAs)
  • DSG Review of Code (Dev Team)

Project Management

Lead by Coordinator

  • Feature tracking (To find out what new features projects need and assure maintenance. Done in tandem with Eli and David)
  • Quality assurance and troubleshooting (In tandem with David)
  • Outreach and visibility

Toolkit Work and Tasks

Development Work

Lead by Eli, David Cliff, and Dave Decamp

  • Plugins to add functionalities
  • Theming/customization for content presentation


Lead by Julia, Sarah Sweeney, Amanda, Jim, and Abbie

  • Metadata preparation guide
  • Copyright "Hot Sheet"
  • FAQs

Process Documentation

Lead by Ashley, Linda, Jim and Abbie

  • Git code comments if necessary
  • Project specific documentation goes in the associated wiki
  • Essentially document all code development during this section


Lead by Jim and Abbie as part of project management

Feature Tracking

Lead by Eli and David

  • Maintenance
  • Updates
  • Second wave development

Documentation (Files and Links)